Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 2.1883-1884

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The term for which he is chosen is five years. The Committee pro-
vide him with a house in Athens, containing apartments for himself
and his family, and suitable rooms for the meetings of the members
of the School, its collections, and its library.

2. Each year the Committee appoints from the instructors of the
Colleges uniting in the support of the School an Annual Director,
who resides in Athens during the ensuing year and co-operates in
the conduct of the School. In case of the illness or absence of the
Director, the Annual Director acts as Director for the time being.

VI. The Director superintends personally the work of each mem-
ber of the School, advising him in what direction to turn his studies,
and assisting him in their prosecution. He conducts no regular
courses of instruction, but holds meetings of the members of the
School at stated times for consultation and discussion. He makes a
full report annually to the Managing Committee of the work accom-
plished by the School.

VII. The school year extends from the first of October to the ist
of June. Members are required to prosecute their studies during the
whole of this time in Greek lands under the supervision of the Direc-
tor. The studies of the remaining four months necessary to complete
a full year (the shortest time for which a certificate is given) may be
carried on in Greece or elsewhere, as the student prefers.

VIII. Bachelors of Arts of co-operating Colleges, and all Bachelors
of Arts who have studied at one of these Colleges as candidates for a
higher degree, are admitted to membership in the School on present-
ing to the Committee a certificate from the instructors in Classics of
the College at which they have last studied, stating that they are
competent to pursue an independent course of study at Athens under
the advice of the Director. All other persons desiring to become
members of the School must make application to the Committee.
Members of the School are subject to no charge for instruction. The
Committee reserves the right to modify the conditions of membership.

IX. Each member of the School must pursue some definite subject
of study or research in classical Literature, Art, or Antiquities, and
must present a thesis or report, embodying the results of some impor-
tant part of his year's work. These theses, if approved by the Direc-
tor, are sent to the Managing Committee, by which each thesis is
referred to a sub-committee of three members, of whom two are
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