Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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sacred to Zeus Astrenos, whose epithet was derived from the name
of the town. I am confirmed in this belief by inscription No. 69,
in which a certain Loukios of Astros is mentioned. I feel justified,
therefore, in giving the name of Astros or Astra to this little moun-
tain town. It is probable that this name gives the true reading
of Ptolemy, v. 4, Sawrpa, which cannot be identical with the
^oarpa and Savatra of other writers.

East of the temple of Zeus are the ruins of a small round build-
ing, in which, on a circular epistyle block, was found No. 72. From
it we gather that this building, whatever it was, was also dedicated to
Zeus Astrenos.

In the gorge below the temple of Zeus, on the east, are the ruins
of a pretentious mausoleum, with a temenos wall of polygonal masonry.
In the ancient cemetery stelae and small sarcophagi with lion-lids
are abundant; but for the most part the stelae were never inscribed.

No. 66.

Tamashaliik [Astra]. Broken epistyle blocks in the temple of

Zens. Copy.

Fragment A)


Fragment B.


Fragment C.

To irpoi>[d]'ioi> tov 7rept(/3)oAov aTrrjpTLcrev • ■ •
• • • • • AaXas "icravpos e/c rC)\y\
18lcov /car' ev^r]i> rw Ait.

In fragment B, the name AaSa? is not impossible instead of
AaAas, as written in the minuscule text.

In fragment a, K is written by error of the stonecutter for B.
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