Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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The remains at Eshenler Djivlesi prove that the town or large
village located here was wealthy, and cultivated the arts. A piece
of well-executed sculpture, belonging probably to a tomb, is not
unworthy of mention. It is a group of mother and daughter, sligntly
above life size. The mother stoops gently, hovering over the
daughter. The attitude of the mother bespeaks anxiety or terror,
but her anxiety is not so much for herself as for her child. With
her right hand she presses the girl to herself; her left arm is bent
upward, and the hand is placed against her head, which is bent down
towards the right shoulder, and looks upward as though she were
expecting danger to her child from above. Her whole attitude
reminds one strongly of Niobe. The daughter is apparently calm
and unconcerned; she leans against her mother in trustful repose.

June 25. Ashagha Eshenler to Kazlar, 2 h. 37 m. From Eshen-
ler Djivlesi we return to Ashagha Eshenler, and then descend in
numberless zigzags down the almost perpendicular bluff to Yaghdji.
Then we cross the Gok Su by Takhta Koprii, just below the junction
of the Gok Su and the Alata Su. It must be noted that the Alata
Su seems to be the larger stream of the two. We then ascend to
Kazlar, on the eastern slopes of Kaliin Aghyl Dagh.

June 26. Kazlar to Yokarti Khadem, 5 h. 54 m. From Kazlar
we cross the steep eastern spurs of Kaliin Aghyl Dagh, heading nearly
west to Kaliin Aghyl, a large village on the mountain-side, overlooking
the great canon of the Alata Su and the plateau which stretches for-
ward northwest and embraces the Polat-Saraidjik region as far as
Zengibar Kalesi. Immediately beyond Kaliin Aghyl we reach the
bluff of the canon; a frightful yawning abyss is on my right, and a
high perpendicular bluff, called Demirli Kaya, is on my left. The
descent (about south) is but slow, as the road slants along the bluff
of the canon; we finally are down on the Alata Su about one quarter
of an hour below Sazak and Pirlevganda, both of which villages are
visible. The descent occupies more than an hour and a half. The
village Sarindj is away up on the slope of the right bluff, just below
the brink. From the bridge over the Alata Su we ascend northwest
along the slope of the left bluff, passing between the two villages
Mernek, and then go up the narrow gorge down which comes the
Khadem Tchai. We pass Ashagha Khadem to Yokarii Khadem.
The Khadem valley is small, but exceedingly fertile, and very re-
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