Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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No. 229.

Aklicrli Pazar. In the wall of the Djami. Copy.


EvXV M-ifivovos.

Hence, turning towards the west and again traversing the plain,
we reach Karadja Ko'i in less than half an hour.

The Ko'i in the name of this village does not mean village, but
what it does mean I could not make out.

Hence, passing Kayadjik, we reach Tchiftlikkieui, situated about
fifteen minutes from the lake. Here the plain ceases, and the moun-
tains come down nearer to the lake. Leaving Tchiftlikkieui we pro-
ceed in a southerly direction, but turn gradually around the lake
until a westerly direction is assumed, and in somewhat more than
half an hour the foot of the mountain is reached. The ascent is
steep and rough ; the mountain is the tongue of land which projects
out into the lake. The shape of the lake is very well given by
Schonborn. Both ascent and descent to Arvan are rough, steep,
and tortuous.

July 7. Arvan to Ashagha Sorkun, 7 h. 53 m. The valley of
Arvan is small, and is completely shut in by mighty mountains,
which are so rough and precipitous that only men can reach Seidi
Sheher by the road along the western shore of the lake, — not even
donkeys can pass it.

The villagers still remember Schonborn's visit in 1852, and his
ascent of Tinas Dagh to inspect the ruins there.

No. 230.

Karadja Ko'i. hi the Djami. Copy.



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