Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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July 20. Auralama to Tchaush, 7 h. 29 m. At Kurtlu Oren,
half an hour west of Auralama, there are ruins of an ancient village,
among which may be mentioned the foundations of a church and a
number of sarcophagi. Nearly an hour northwest of Kurtlu Oren,
at Auralama Yailasii, are the ruins of another large ancient village,
with a church, many crosses, and sarcophagi. The well-hewn
stones speak of considerable wealth and pretension among the
ancient inhabitants of this place. This point may be regarded as
the westernmost limit of the elevated plateau, and we now begin to
ascend the mountains to a pass between Eldashat Dagh and' Kara
Tepe. The summit is reached a short distance west of Botza Yailasii.
Henceforward we wind about among a wilderness of mountains, of
such nature as to render work with the prismatic compass hopeless,
unless one has in view something more than a route survey. At
Keshlik Yailasii I found the ruins of a large church. Near this
point I discovered the Giaur G61. The lake is about two and
a half miles long by one and a half wide. Its water flows eastward
down the Evliya-Botza canon. Henceforward we descend gradually
down pleasant grassy vales, that wind about between the many iso-
lated peaks.

We continue to head southeast, the character of the country
remaining the same. The foot of the mountain is reached half an.
hour east of Tchaush, which village is situated at the extreme eastern
edge of the great plain of Seidi Sheher, and at what may be called
the mouth of Kef Boghaz. Tchaush is the site of an ancient village,
the ruins of which are about ten minutes northeast of Tchaush. In
the village itself are a number of architectural remains in white
marble, with florid ornaments. The bridge over the Kef Boghaz Tchai
is built almost entirely of ancient stones. The cemetery is thickly
strewn with ancient stones, most of which are double-columned

My horse was accidentally shot to-day; so that, until I could
buy a fresh one, I had to remain at Tchaush, making excursions into
the neighborhood, and returning at night to Tchaush.
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