Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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1 cm


ports the whole weight of the man. This foot rests fairly and
squarely on the top of the crest of the helmet of the lower figure.
The artist did not deem it necessary to chisel out the feet; indeed
they are not even indicated in outline, probably for the reason that
they could not be seen when the Stele was standing erect and in
position. The legs are merely straight lines. The right hand is
raised aloft, and holds a round object with something projecting from
it vertically on the right side from the standpoint of the spectator.
Under his left arm he holds a large object, which projects 0.75 m.
from the face of the stone, and is 0.45 m. in diameter. This object
reaches to his feet, but diminishes in size and relief, until at the foot
the relief is very slight. On his head he wears a grand tiara, with
four divisions or bosses.

The whole height of the Stele is 7.23 m.; width of Stele at bottom,
2.75 m.; width of Stele at top, 1.65 m.; thickness of Stele at top,
0.82 m. The bottom of the Stele is buried, and its bottom thickness
cannot be ascertained without digging.

The measurements of the upper figure are : height of tiara, 1.20
m.; whole height of the four bosses, 0.77 m.; bottom boss, 0.19 m.;
second boss, 0.21 m.; third boss, 0.18 m.; top boss, 0.17 m.; length
of face from bottom of chin to forehead-band of tiara, 0.41 m.;
width of forehead, 0.52 m.; from bottom of chin to bottom of left
foot, 1.95 m.; breadth of waist, 0.57 m.; height of right arm from
elbow to top of round object, 0.95 m.; from neck to inside of. right
elbow, 0.30 m.; from left side of neck to outside of left shoulder,
0.47 m.; height of ears, 0.48 m.; from chin to division of legs,
1.25 m.

The measurements of the lower figure are : head-dress, from bot-
tom of foot of upper figure to forehead-band, 0.87 m.; from foot of
the upper figure to bottom of the crest, 0.52 m.; width of the crest,
0.35 m.; from forehead-band to bottom of the crest, 0.29 m.; the
crest projects from the face of the stone 0.67 m.; from the forehead-
band to the chin, 0.41 m.; breadth of forehead, 0.33 m.; breadth of
chin, 0.28 m.; from forehead-band to tip of nose, 0.23 m.; height
of clasped hands, 0.19 m. ; width of shoulders, 0.92 m.; from right
side of chin to outside of right shoulder, 0.31 m.; from left side of
chin to outside of left shoulder, 0.31 m.; from bottom of clasped
hands to bottom of feet, 1.0 m.; the figure projects from the face of
the stone at the bent elbows 0.52 m.
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