Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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tween here and the Ilan Ovasii in a direct line is said to be unin-
habited and exceedingly mountainous. Certainly no one knows
anything about it.

August 21. Gelenclos to Baghadjik, 5 h. 17 m. We visited Yakka ;
then turned southwest along the foot of Tekkelik Dagh) but still
being in the plain) to the point near the lake where Tekkelik Dagh
turns to run nearly south. At this point the following inscription
was copied.

Yakka. At a fountain one hour southwest of Yakka on
the road to Eghcrdir, about twenty minutes from the lake.

From this point we follow the road traversed last year (1884)
from Egherdir to Yalowadj. At the Tchiftlik we leave this road and
ascend a Boghaz to Sari Idris and Baghadjik. The country is moun-
tainous and rough.

August 22. Baghadjik to Bazarkieui, 4 h. 24 m. We descend
southwest from Baghadjik to Monis in a little valley in the mountains.
We then cross Gok Tepe,'and in two hours find ourselves at Sofula,
the northernmost village in Ilan Ovasii, whence a rolling Ova is
traversed up to Ilanlu, the residence of the Miidir. Beyond Ilanlu
we traverse the open and well-watered plain, crossing the Ak Su
above the confluence of the Zindan Su and the Ak Su to Baghlii.
Then, recrossing the united stream, the Eurymedon, we pass Baklan
to Bazarkieui.

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