Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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Nos. 477-480.

Gilncn. Octagonal column in the cemetery by the Djami. Copy.

This side is broken away almost entirely.

\l 0 .....

M N H fivij-

M H C X A /xt]? x»"
P I N piv.

, B.

A Y P N G UJ Avp. N«tf-

N M A P K G I v MapKei-

A N 01 Y G I UJ aua vela

A Y P N G Avp. Ne-
5 UJ N K A I 5 wv kcu

A C K A H \\<tk\t]-

TT G 0 A jreoS-

Ul P 0 C K wpo? k-

A I Z UJ T I al Zwtl-

10 K 0 C A Y 10 k6? Awl p.]

0 G 0 A 0 ©eoSoiu-]

A A M H X<x jj.7)-

T 0 K A I ripl''} koI (al)

V A T 0 a[w]ro[r?J

16 M H M 15 p.(v)rijx-

H C X A P I 779 \dpu>.

Line 2, NH are in ligature.
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