Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 4.1885-1886

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kK7]f36\mi 'AiroAAaiw, l (Delos vi).

®eoKpLTov 'AttoWwvi. cxlih (Delos, unknown).

'EpfHOfTTpOLTOV 'A/3&T]pLTT]S. 759 (Att. v') .

Tavov 8cbv ISpvaavro, 775 (Egypt iv).
' AuKkainSii larrjpL. XCVIIo 1. 18 (Epid. iii).
verjv ?Tl KaXXiKXctafr]. 857 (Rhod. Mac).
Mvprov, feW, avSrjo-avTVi. 205 (Halicarn. ii).

drap^y TaQ-qvauu, II (Att. vi-v).

iv TpiKK-qi 7r£ipa0ei?7S, XCVII3 1. 29 (Epid. iii).

©toyUTWv 0up.ovYov 7rats. 90 (Att. iv).

Ivura tw a.{y)Opuiirw, Lxxvii (Cypriote).

iirl\ubv(<i>v avOpm-n-mv. 26 (Att. iv).

ov[k a]v dfp]i[8]p.rjcrc.uv. 926 (Hermione iii).

'AOrjvaiwv rpeis (pvXds. 26 (Att. iv).

e7u yowaci 7rarpos p.ap>pa<;. 89 (Att. iv—ii).

ex Boi)CT7rdpou ^A0ei/ Kap-vtufv]. XCVII-, 1. 62 (Epid. iii).1

It will be seen that seven only of these cases conform to the most
frequent norm of spondiac verse — a four-syllable word after a dactyl.
Two have the tetrasyllable after a spondee : and the next two have
practically the same form, as ®up.oi/You 7rcus and tS> avOpunrw are felt
as rhythmical equivalents of a tetrasyllable. One verse, a Homeric
reminiscence, ends with a trisyllable. All these are well-established
forms, and even the ending ap<.6p.-qa-e.uv. following the rare trochaic
caesura of the fourth foot, can be paralleled from Homer (B 479,
etc.). The last three cases are monstrosities. The general character
of the inscriptions 26 and 89, both in thought and versification, is'
such that they can afford but slender support to &rjpov <£?}p.ts and
the like in Homer. Isyllus is not much better, but we will charitably
believe that he meant the graver to cut y\v8t Kap.vmv.~

1 The ending Sipvtv 8i))ia which Kabbadias has printed in xcvii5 1. 72, should
obviously be Sipat v\i\i\y.a.

- There is plenty of evidence of the avoidance of such cadences. Thus iv\
twtoi, 179 (Core, vi); eVl Srjfiwi, 26 (Att. iv); eVl riu0or, cxvm (Delphi iv);
evl vaaii, (Cedreae iv-iii); <ppi(eo (rij/ia, xxxvii (Att. Mac.) ; fSorpvwSeos
ofrrjr, 88 (Att. iv-iii); etc.

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