Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 4.1885-1886

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on greek versification in inscriptions.

a- ttotvl 6.ymvu>v, 856 a prf. (Hyp. expvaa apcr-jv, pent., 60 (Att. iv-ii).

Mac), not verified. 8o£a apery, 65 (Att. iv—ii), not

1 2

yeverup' dpyaAe'015. pent., lxxxiii verified, Kum.
3 4 -,

(Cyme iii-ii), not verified. SeiKvCua ava^alvu, 84 (Att. iv-ii),

not verified, Kum.

p.aia ayava (— w--), lyric,

XCVII41. 50 (Epid. iii).

c- 'HpaxAei' e£«, pent., 488 (Tanag. v).

2 34

over Wavov, 91 (Att. iv).

3 4

o-Tep^aa 'Epfis, 35 a add. (Att. iv),
3 4

not verified.

yaT iKaXvipav, 51 (Att. iv—ii).

5 6

Opi-TTTtip £vapy](f>6pe, 856 a prf.

3 4

(Hyp. Mac), not verified.

/jLoip' iSa/xacrae, cxxviii (Syb. ii),

not verified.

(?) irpuiip \i]yKT£Tdvvo-Tal, 96 (Att. iv-ii).1

5 0

n- [\l]itovo-' rjfirjv, 84a RM (Att. iii).

4 a

iviirovo-' y)Xv9', lyric, xcvn4 1. 38
(Epid. iii).

o- AaxoiV oVo/xa, pent., 6 ( (?) [xejonra or', cxxh (Phars. v)

5 0 2

o-repiao-' oltri, pent., 35 a add. acc to Cauer: similarly Lol-

,. f . ? •/- , nng- See p. 198.

(Att. iv), not verified. 1 y

1 It is certain what the graver cut in this puzzling place, but very uncertain
what was meant to be cut. The stone, now in the Central Museum, has
A ETP PQ. I PI T KTE etc., every letter being perfectly distinct. To me it
seems clear, first that [~K is a dittography, K being put in to correct the [~; and
secondly that we have a conflation of the two readings 7rspl 5' Ik irpdiipi) rtravv-
(tto.1 and 7rcol Si -rrpwip' iKTerdvuiTTai, owing to a boggled and indistinct manu-
script copy, which had been put into the graver's hands.
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