Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 4.1885-1886

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Just as the last pages of this article are casting comes the second fascicle of
the CIA. vol. iv. This contains a good many of the newer inscriptions of our
collection, and among these are the hitherto unpublished ones numbered above
X—XVI. Although possessing copies of these inscriptions, I did not feel mvself at
liberty to print them. Now, however, I may be permitted to add the text of these

x (=CIA. nr., 1, n. 373106)-

Ila\(\)ddt 'AQavaiai Avgoiv av4Bi}Ktv airapxh^
wv ai/TOv KT^ea^vaiv, Trjt 5e flecDi xaPtiv-

@T]f3ddTis e[Tv6rj(T€v . .]you irais rod' aya\p.a.

xi (=CIA. iv., i, n. 373").

. . . tjs drjKt Aibs KovprjL t65' ayu\ua-
......iraTpbs Is Xatptuivos £tt€vxti


So I had written, without pretending to understand the sense. Kirchhoff, I see,
has made the second verse [bawep Si]] -jrarpbs is Xaipiavos inevxerai (el)v[at],
supposing the letter E to have been omitted by the cutter in the last word. As-
suming this to be right (and it is very probable), Xnpiavos on p. 75 should give

place to XaipluvJs; Trarpis on p. 74 should disappear; and inevxtrai (e()y[ail

4 3 5 6

should be added on p. 110.

xii (=CIA. nr., 1, n. 373100).

UaKKadi Tpi{Toyifc7 . . . r6p]yvK(\)os fi iv(8ri[Kev]
Kal Xpep.r]s vvs.

xiii (=CIA. nr, 1, n. 37387).

. . . \tr6s /x av48i}^Kf ....
[7T(iTI/t'] 'A.dT}vaia, x€x[aP'lfT@ai (T.01 T^5f Swpov],>p inoiriacv.

The name looks to me like 'AvytKiros. A, N and ]/ are marked in my copy as
certain, though not entirely intact; the third letter must be A, A or A; the fourth

xiv (=CIA. nr., 1, n. 373107).

..........vvs 'Ad-fjirrjt

..........x]&PLV avTitiidov.
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