Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 4.1885-1886

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The literature on this subject, though not extensive, is widely
scattered. The ruin on the Pnyx Hill naturally attracted the atten-
tion of travellers, and every one who described his travels had some-
thing to say of it. Many of these descriptions, however, contain
mere repetitions of what others had already said, and possess no
scientific value. The following list is a sufficiently complete enumer-
ation :

Spon and Wheler. Voyage dVtalie, de Dalmatie, de Grece, et du
Levant. Lyon, 167S; La Haye, 1724.

Richard Chandler. Travels in Asia Minor and Greece. 3d edition.
London, 1817.1

Stuart and Revett. Antiquities of Athens, I.—III., London, 1787 :
with Supplement, Vol. IV., London, 1S30.

J. L. Hartholdy and C. Aug. Bottiger. In Wieland's Deutscher
Mercur for 1S06.

J. C. Hobhouse. A Journey through Albania, etc., Vol. I. London,

Edward Daniel Clarke. Travels, Part II., Sect. II. London, 1814.

W. Wilkins.- Atheniensia or Remarks on the Topography and
Buildings of Athens. London, 1816.

Hawkins.3 On the Topography of Athens in Robert WalpoW's Memoirs
Relative to European and Asiatic Turkey. 2 vols. London, 1817, 1820.

G. F. Schoemaxn. De Comitiis Atheniensium. Greifswald, 1819.

Edward Dodwell. Tour through Greece during the Years 1801, 1805,
and 1806. London, 1819/

W. Gell. The Itinerary of Greece. London, 1810.

W. Kinard. In the Supplement to Stuart and Revett's Antiquities of
Athens. London, 1830.

W. M. Leake. Topography of Athens. London, 1821. 2d edition,

P. W. Forchhammer. Zur Topographie Athens. Kiel, 1841.
W. Mure of Caldwell. Journal of a Tour in Greece, Vol. II.
Edinburgh and London, 1842.

1 Travelled in 1765. - Travelled in 1802. 3 Travelled in 1797.

J. A drawing of the Pnyx, showing a portion of the semicircular retaining wall,
is given by E. Dodwell, Views and Descriptions of Cyclopian and Pelasgic
Remains in Greece and Italy, London, 1834, PI. LV. — J. T. C.
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