Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 4.1885-1886

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&i = d +1. It was never confounded with <u, as is shown by the
divergence of their phonetic changes in post-classical times, <n
becoming ultimately = £ and di = d. An instance of the omission of
1 will hardly be. found in inscriptions of Attica earlier than the first
century e.c.

av = a + v. In many Ionic inscriptions av is written ao ; so once
in Attic (v. G. Meyer, Gr. 120). In Roman times it was transliterated
by Latin au, and its pronunciation in Greece has changed, up to the
present time, only in the devocalization of its second element {av or
qfTor av).

av existed in Attic in erases like avrds, ravra ; perhaps also in the
word ypaus.

ev = 6 + v. In Ionic it was often written co, and, conversely, to
could always be pronounced as one syllable = eu. This illustrates
with sufficient clearness its classical pronunciation. It has now suf-
fered the same change as av, and = ev or ef. There is no indication
that it had at any place or period either of the sounds given it in the
ordinary English and German pronunciations of Greek; namely,
yu and oi.

rjv = i) + v. It occurs in Attic as the augment of av, ev. Cf.
Meisterh., Gr. p. 78, 5 ; Rutherford, New Phrynichns, CXXXI.

01 = 0 +1. It continued diphthongal until long after the Christian
era, when ax, at, a, -qi, ov, <m had assumed the simple a, e, i, o, u

ait = o) + t. The omission of t scarcely occurs until the first cen-
tury b.c., except before a vowel, as in \wov, o-uui,1 according to an
Attic law already noticed. It is kept distinct from 01, however, be-
coming ultimately = w, while 01 in Byzantine times = v («) and later
= 1.

mv = w + v. Attic only in crasis, as TrpwvSav, Ar. Av. 556.2
It will be observed that until the end of the fifth century all the
diphthongs were pronounced as they are written.

1 Better than ado,, C. I. A., I. 2 i, 7.

2 There is only one verb in Attic beginning with ov, and the imperfect of oiipu
is eovpovy.
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