Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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in front to three in the rear. The seats were visible here and there
in the upper portion of the koIXov, those in the lower part being cov-
ered with earth. So great a mass of material overlaid the orchestra
that it was out of the question, with the means at our command, to
undertake to uncover the theatre completely. Our aim was therefore
restricted to such excavation as would fully bring to light the plan
of stage-structure and orchestra. Moreover, we were not without hopes
that some works of art might have been covered up and hence pre-
served in the theatre.


The Stage-Structure.—The plan of the excavated portion of
the Theatre (sec also plate i) shows that there are five main foundation-
walls belonging to the stage-buildings, marked A, B, O, DD, E. Of
these, A and E, the front and rear walls, are of about the same length,
projecting on the west side a little more than six meters beyond the
others. The rock has been cut away, in both front and rear, in order
to admit of this projection.

The Wall A.—The total length of this Avail is 23.60 meters. A piece
of it at the east end is formed of two upright slabs of stone, 0.70 m.
high. The remainder of the wall is composed of small blocks of poros
intermingled with bricks and mortar. The average height is about
0.55 m., the thickness, 0.65 m. There are three doorways in this
wall. The first is 2.56 m. from the east end, and its width is 1.05 m.
Upon either side of this doorway, as well as of the others in this wall,
there is a cavity for the door-post. At a distance of 7.32 m. from this
doorway there appears to have been a double door. The openings arc
each 1.05 m. wide, and are separated by a pier formed of two blocks of
stone. On the west side of the western doorway the end of the wall is
plastered over, and preserves some traces of ornament in color. The
third doorway is 2.65 m. distant from the western end of the wall :
like the others, it is 1.05 m. wide. The portion of wall beyond this
door is higher than the rest, having a height of 0.80 m.

In front of the base of the wall A, a marble step or plinth extends
almost the entire length; it begins at the east side of the eastern
door, and continues to the western end of the wall. The width of
the blocks is 0.57 m.. and they project 0.40 m. These blocks were
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