Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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Comment.—The eirip,eXrjTa[, appointed to oversee the making of
some important statue, were crowned by the deme and dedicated a
small figure to Dionysos in honor of the completion of their task.
. Cf. Rangabe, Antiquites Helleniques, 1068 ; C.I.A., n, 1208 :

ol at~\pe6e\y\r\_e<i u7r]o ['A]\<z[«5i/
to ay]a\fia Troi]aacr8ai ret 'A(£[pocH-
rei arecf)ajvw0evTe<; vtto tcov Srj[_fJ-or-
o)v ave\6e(rav Tel , K^>po[h'nei

Then follow twenty-four names of the iwipeXrjTat appointed. The
statue dedicated cannot be the one which they were to oversee, for the
measurements of the base show that it could have held only a very
small figure. The honor of crowning in our Ikarian case is indicated,
not in the inscription, but by the relief of the ivy wreath. The two
cases are, however, essentially parallel. The statue, rod aydXparos,
cannot be the same statue which is mentioned in Inscr. No. 9, for that
is of much earlier date, and ipyacrta can, I think, refer only to the
execution of a new statue, not to the restoration of an old one.

No. 13.

Massive block used as the lintel for the door leading from the
narthex into the nave of the church. Length, 1.68 m.; height,
0.34 m.; thickness, 0.22 m. At the ends are Byzantine ornaments.



Comment.—The large letters on the left were seen by Milchhofer and
published in Mitth. Inst. Allien., 1887, p. 310. The larger letters are
of Roman imperial date, the smaller from the third or fourth century
B. c. The name in small letters on the left-hand end is 'Apiarofie^Bmv
or ,ApiaTOfie\_vr}<;, while, of the large letters, Eut may be the beginning
of any one of many names. On the right, I cannot make out the name
in small letters.23 The large letters of the first line seem to be a patro-
nymic ending-aS^?.

No. 14.

Tombstone with relief representing a parting-scene of the usual type.
23 [Perhaps tenrro*.—A. C. M.]
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