Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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Theodoros, son of Euphantides, priest of Zeus Phratrios, had this
stele engraved and erected.

The sacrificial portions due to the priest are as follows : from the
meion, a haunch, a rib, an ear, and three obols of money; from the
koureion, a haunch, a rib, an ear, a quart-cake, a half-chous of wine,
and a drachma of money.

The following decrees were passed by the phraters in the archonship
of Phormion at Athens [396/5 b. c.l and the phratriarchate of Panta-
kles of Oion:

On the motion of Hierokles: For all who have not yet been sub-
jected to a diadikasia according to the law of the Demotionidai, the
phraters, having promised in the name of Zeus Phratrios so to do, shall
hold a diadikasia immediately, taking their ballots from the altar.
And, whoever be found to have been introduced illegally, the priest
and the phratriarch shall erase his name from the register kept in
Demotionidai and from the copy thereof. And he who introduced the
rejected member shall be fined 100 drachmas, to be devoted to Zeus
Phratrios. This money the priest and the phratriarch shall collect, or
be responsible for the amount.

In future the diadikasia shall be held in the year following that in
which the koureion is sacrificed, on the Koureotis of the Apatouria, the
ballots being taken from the altar. And, if any disfranchised member

25 wptira for irpoTepw is extraordinary. It may help to prop up the three similar
examples given by Kuiixkr, Griecli. Gramm., u, 22 (Arist., Birds, 821 should not
have been eited), two at least of which have been corrected by critics. Cf. the cases
of npuros with genitive quoted in Stephanos, 'Thesaurus, s. v. np&Tos.

'i6 Probably in Dekeleia.
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