Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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A new name. The simple accusative upon tombstones is rare.
Examples in Keil, Zur Syttoge Inscr. Boeot., p. 535 at bottom; Le
Bas, Voyage arch., n, No. 654; MM,. Inst. Athen., xn (1887), p. 357;
Collitz, 1053, 1074. This list mal ves no pretence to completeness.

XLVL—Poros slab. Height, 0.59 m.; width, 0.43 m.; height
of letters, 0.055 m.

A H T A Ayra

Probably the genitive of A??Ta? (= Attic AatV???).
XLVII.—Marble tombstone with gable top and rosettes. Height,
0.95 m.; width, 0.40 m.; letters, 0.02-0.04 m.

E IT I 'EttI
<t> I A 0 Z E N Q I &i\ot;iv<p
MNHSIKAEOY5 MvyaiicXeovs

The letters are cut in a slovenly fashion and badly arranged.

XLVIII.—Marble tombstone, built into the wall surrounding the
church at Loukisi. Height, 1.21 m.; width, 0.44 m.; height of let-
ters, 0.04 m.

h V I 'EttJ,
<t> I A I V V Q I ^tXiWw

XLIX.—Marble tombstone with akroterion and rosettes, in wall
surrounding the church at Loukisi. Total height, 1.34 m. (of which
akroterion alone = 0.55); width, 0.44 m., height of letters, 0.03 m.

MMFFOS <E>i'Xwr77-o?

Below are represented in relief various tools, including a knife, axe,
and chisel.

L.—Block of rough poros. Length, 0.46 m.; width, 0.285 m.;
height of letters, 0.05 m.

HPAKAE 'Hpaic\e[l]-
A H Bt;

The stone-cutter omitted the A and inserted it afterwards. There
is no trace of an I at the end of the line, but 'Hpaic\e8r) would be an
impossible form. 'HpaicXeiSy would be a good Boiotian dative, but
is probably to be regarded as Attic, the iota subscript being omitted,
as often in late inscriptions. The simple dative is rare on gravestones,
but not unexampled. Two or three cases are referred to by Franz
{Memento Epigraphices Graecae, p. 340), and three cases of the name
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