Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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April 2. I began work, with eighteen men, at a ruined Byzantine
' church to the n. e. of the city, outside the walls. Trenches were dug
both within and without, but nothing of importance was found. On
the same day, I made a beginning of clearing the westernmost of the
churches in the lower (northern) division of the ancient city, but
without results.

April 3. After working an hour on the last-named church, I moved
to another, just outside the upper division of the city on the east side,
said to be named "\yi,o<; A^/^rpto?. Some late inscriptions were
found here. F. B. Tarbell.

April 2. I began work, with twenty-one men, in a ruined Byzan-
tine church, situated on a low elevation east of the city-walls as usually
defined, but within the long eastern wall extending from the northern
slope of Kithairon. The name of the church was given me as "Aytos
NiicoXas. In the interior of the church, were found two inscribed
tombstones and some fragments of inscriptions. In the apse of the
church, digging was carried as far as the pavement, which was
examined. At the sides, where the pavement was gone, a depth of 3 m.
was reached, and some graves, with human bones, were found. Trenches
were also dug up to and around the church on the northern, southern,
and western sides.

April 3. Work was continued at the same church until noon, when it
was suspended on account of rain. In the front of the church, at a
depth of 2 m., were found two fragments of reliefs of poor Roman
workmanship; also a fragment of a marble plinth with the toes of
one foot, fairly well executed.

April 4. Work proceeded during the morning at a church west of
the city-walls, close to the spring, which had been cleared of debris the
day before. Trenches were dug around the church and the interior
was cleared out, but we were unable to go very deep on account of
the water, which was reached at the depth of half a meter. Nothing was
found in this church. At noon, I took my men to the southern part of
the town, where trenches were cut until (at 4 p. m.) I joined forces
with Dr. Waldstein.

J. C. Rolfe.
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