Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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Volume II., 1883-84, containing Dr. J. R. S. Sterrett's Report of
his Journey in Asia Minor in 1884, with Inscriptions, and two new
Maps by Professor H. Kiepert. Published in 1S88. 8vo, pp. 344.
Price $2.25.

Volume III., 1884-85, containing Dr. Sterrett's Report of the Wolfe
Expedition to Asia Minor in 1S85, with Inscriptions, mostly hitherto
unpublished, and two new Maps by Professor Kiepert. Published in
1888. 8vo, pp. 448. Price $2.50.

Volume IV. 1885-86. Published in 1888. 8vo, pp. 277. Illus-
trated. Price $2.00.

Contents : —

1. The Theatre of Thoricus, Preliminary Report, by Walter MilPer.

2. The Theatre of Thoricus, Supplementary Report, by William L. Cushing.

3. On Greek Versification in Inscriptions, by Frederic D. Allen.

4. The Athenian Pnyx, by John M. Crow; with a Survey of the Pnyx and
Notes, by Joseph Thacher Clarke.

5. Notes on Attic Vocalism, by J. McKeen Lewis.

Reports of the work, and particularly of the excavations, of the
School are published, as the work progresses, in the American
Journal of Archaeology.
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