Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 6.1890-1897 (1897)

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The present report includes the results of a fourth season
of excavation at the theatre of Sicyon. The stage-structure,
orchestra, and lower rows of the cavea had been cleared in the
years 1886 and 1887, under the direction of Professors D'Ooge
and Merriam.1 At that time a subterranean passage, following
the central line of the theatre through orchestra and stage-
structure, had been discovered but not completely explored.
During last summer (July-August, 1891) Mr. Earle2 resumed
the work which he had superintended four years before.
The object sought was to determine the meaning and purpose
of this passage in the light of a similar discovery just made
in the theatre of Eretria.3 Adverse circumstances prevented
the full completion of Mr. Earle's undertaking. We suc-
ceeded to the task in December, by previous appointment
meeting Dr. Waldstein at Basiliko on the day of his arrival in
Greece (December 22). Operations at the theatre commenced
the next morning, under Dr. Waldstein's direction, and con-
tinued after his departure until December 30.

When our work began, the so-called vnovopioi was not yet
fully cleared in the space between wall A* and the central
tank, as well as between this tank and the middle point of the
semicircular conduit of the orchestra. Further to the west,
about under wall E, the mouth of a rock-cut tunnel " was vis-
ible, evidently a prolongation and outlet of the vnovofioi. A
short distance west of E a shaft had been sunk in the line of
this tunnel to discover, if possible, its course and meaning.

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