Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 6.1890-1897 (1897)

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later, Mr. Lyris, the ephor attendant upon the excavations and
lodging in the museum at Eretria, said that he thought our frag-
ment would fit a bust with the lower part of a head already in
the museum. On applying the new to the old we found the fit per-
fect. The old piece had been lying in the museum so long that
we could get no information as to the circumstances of its find-
ing. As the result gives an interesting portrait-head, deemed
worthy of the Athenian museum, we have a good illustration of

Figure 3.— Bust including fragment in Museum.

the utility of keeping for years what might seem insignificant
pieces of sculpture.

I experienced a great surprise when the two parts were
reunited. The upper part had seemed peculiarly massive, like the
head of Vespasian7 (Figure 4). The wrinkled forehead resembles
that of a Roman standing by the side of the emperor Marcus
Aurelius on his triumphal arch.8 But the reunited head showed

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