Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 6.1890-1897 (1897)

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outlay," in which sense Demosthenes also uses it in his oration
" On the Crown" § 257.

L. 5, irXeLovcov. "Absolute comparative," a sort of strengthened
positive. The same use appears in 11. 15, 32, 36; Inscr. 'No. II, 1.
5; CIA. ii. 594, 1. 16, a.vrjXdicra'i irXelov apyvpiov.

L. 5, iraihwv re Kal icfaijftwv. In the Sestos-inscription oi veoi
are also mentioned, who were naturally older than the ecprjfioi,
cf. C. Curtius in Hermes, vn, p. 134. In Chios (CIG. 2214) the
four ages mentioned are 7rcuSe?, e<j>r]/3oL, dvSpes and Trpea-fivrepoi.

L. 6, TrpoevoiijBrj. This unusual form for Trpoevor)Qr) probably
arises by assimilation from -n-pdvoia.

L. 7, euraftas. This is a word frequently met with in ephebic
inscriptions.15 In the Sestos inscription (1. 83) evra^ia is associated
with cj)i\oTrovi'a and eve^ia,10 and C. Curtius17 remarks that the first
ist der technische Ausdruck fur das sittliche Wohlverhalten der Jiing-
linge, wdhrend eve^ia mehr die korperliehe Gesundheit and Tiichtigkeit

L. 9, prjropd re Kal OTrXo/xd^ov. The OTrXofid^of is often put at
the top of the list of the instructors in the ephebic inscriptions, as
being the most important.18 As a regular instructor in a gym-
nasium the prjTwp is not elsewhere mentioned. In Athens the
epheboi attended the lectures of the various rhetors and phil-
osophers.19 At Eretria, in the year when Elpinikos was gymnas-
iarch, a prjrcop was provided who came to the gymnasium and gave
instruction there. In Inscr. II, 1. lOf. the gymnasiarch Manti-
doros is stated to have engaged the services of an ofi-ripi/cbs cpi\6\oyos,
no mention being made of an oTrXofj-d-^o'; or similar instructor.
This makes it probable that there was a regular corps of teachers
attached to the gymnasium, to whose number the gymnasiarchs
made such additions as they saw fit. A gymnasium with no
d^Xo/m^o? or corresponding functionary is not to be thought of.

L. 13, eXalov. It is unnecessary to dwell upon the fact that
oil was important in Greek athletics. This is sufficiently

15 Of. Schoene, Griech. Reliefs, p. 35.

16 Cf. also DlTTENBERGER, SIG. 396, 1. 17.

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18 Cf. Dumont, Essai sur VEphcbie Atiique, i. pp. 165,185.

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Kal ypanixarLK&v <rxo\cus ; DuMOXT, p. 242.
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