Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 6.1890-1897 (1897)

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Among the Eretrian proper names showing rhotacism Kni/aia?
and Te\epia<; most closely resemble 'Hyypi7]<i as regards the place
of the rhotacism, while 'Hyrfpnnro*; and 'Jlyrjpi'viKos are words
from the same root.50

On the Ionic ending -??? in the nominative of the masculines
of the a— declension, cf. Smyth §415, 2, where examples are given.
Five instances, four from Bechtel, will suffice here: ISTo. 19, 56
KpmV; 19, 276 Bav0tv<;; 19, 445 Stools (all from Styra); 78b 3
Tlavaavi'ris, from Thasos; and Athena, v. p. 354, E"o. 30, Avpavi-qs.

The genitive Ka\\(a> maybe compared with Xat/nco (Eph. Arch.
1887, p. 101, 1. 122b, 123b from Eretria; UavaavCm (Bechtel,
163:16) from Abdera; 'Ao-tw (Bechtel, 174c) from Chios. In
general, vide Smyth, op. cit, §427, and cf. Stauropoullos in Eph.
Arch. 1895, p. 131, note on 16a.



Grave-sfefe on a roughly wrought slab of limestone, 0.50 m.
high, 0.41m. wide, 0.07 m. thick. Across the stone a band is
cut, lower and smoother than the rest of the surface, to receive
the inscription. The stone was found just north of the circular
room in the gymnasium and very near the surface. The letters
are 0.04 m. high and carefully cut, the ends of the strokes being
gradually broadened. The limbs of the a, X, p, and 7; are slightly
curved and impart a distinct grace to the letters. Probably it is
from the third century.


0EOAOTH eeoS6Tv.

GvsLve stele on piece of roughly wrought marble, 0.73 m.
X 0.35 m. x 0.15 m., built into the wall of a mediaeval tower on
the islandof Hagia Triada, just off the eastern horn of the harbor
of Eretria. The letters are about 0.04 m. high.

Stauropoullos, Athena, v, p. 354, No. 21, Tinripiinr-q, No. 30, Avpavl-ns. Kr-qpifos is
found on another of the Styra tablets, Bechtel, 19 : 438. Ktt/plWo. is instanced in
Am. Jour. Arch. 1891, p. 248, No. 7.

Tsountas (I. c.) corrected the reading AiV/xax05 of Eustratiades (Eph. Arch.
1869, p. 319, No. 404/3, 1. 40) to \vplnaXos.

«> Cf. Pick2, p. 134f.
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