Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 6.1890-1897 (1897)

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1 cm


tangular depression .22 m. wide and .005 m. deep. The letters
vary in height from .012 m. to .02 m. There is great irregularity
in the spacing of the letters as well as in the direction of the lines,
where the irregularity seems almost affected. For example lines
4 and 6 turn and run down the edge of the stele at right angles
to the direction of the rest of the inscription, apparently not from
the desire to avoid breaking a word, for this was surely done at
the end of line 2, if not at the end of line 1.

The stone was brought to the Central Museum from Argos in
the winter of 1893-94 with several others mentioned by Professor
Wheeler as lying at Argos. Whether it was found in the exca-
vations of 1892 or of 1893 I am not able at present to ascertain,
but as it was apparent]}7 not seen by Professor "Wheeler, I infer
that it Avas found at the close of the work in 1893, after he had
made up his inventoiw. I am also uninformed as to the exact
spot of its discovery.

AZTi thAiK \t BorEtAMO

AZilAftOM/ \M0 A/£ UTolp-
IVfirA h / 0/v -f VVM A Ni. \ AFRf:
"V£/*£{-.BV/-h £ V£ S
i~l o p/m otiBVfi/VAQ *
\«\c/c o v <Wh o Si
At ~*

a crrdXa [ Kal 6 Te\a/jLa>
r\apa [t]<x? ["H]pa? '■ ra? 'Apje
[t]a? • lapofivd/jLovet \ ro/Se
"TppaXiav \^ ,,,afprjreve
'A\fcafj,evr}<; • 'TWevs
'A/3t(7To'Sa/io? ; 'Tppd6io<;
A/u.(£(«;[oit]o? : Iiav<f>v\

The surface of the stone is slightly chipped at both edges.
Room is found in this battered space for H at the beginning of
line 1, but at the end there is no room for the N which might be
loading ...