Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 6.1890-1897 (1897)

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Kovporpocjjos is used only twice. This indicates a date before
rather than after 360 b. c.29 The ov in /cvovaa, as well as the in-
consistency in KopoT/oo'00?, might modify the certainty of this
judgment somewhat.

The genuine diphthong ov appears also as o in /So?, which is
used five times, while /SoO? appears only four times. This phe-
nomenon is noted as occurring in many cases during 440-357

B. C.30

The following is a list of objects for which money is expended,
and the various sums :
atf. Ahh

a „ I P AAAA
/Sou?. J

/3o0? tcvovcra. P AAAA

/cpto?. Ah h

ot?. Ah h and Ah

ot? Kvovaa. ATI and AT II

Tpdyos 7ra/J./J,e\a<;. A P

5? /cvovaa. AA

^ot/30?. h h h

6-qXea ? Ah

aX<^>lTU>v eKTev<;. I III

o'Lvo ^;o?. No charge.

rpaVefa. h

iepdaavva. h to P h h IC

(fipearos. P h

Aacf>vi](j}6poi,^. P h h

ra copala. jSTo charge.

cnrvKia. AAAA
The offerings are for the most part the usual sacrificial ani-
mals, the most common being the sheep, which occurs thirty-one
times; and in one case (line 36) three sheep are offered at once.
Besides this, the ram is mentioned six times, and once, in line 27,
is followed by 0r)\eau instead of the ordinary word ot?. This
makes of sheep, male and female, thirty-eight examples.

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31 For the form with e instead of ei, see Meisterhans, Gram. Ait. Inschr., p. 81,
% 15, 11. The reading is not quite certain. There is hardly room, however, for «.
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