The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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To imprefs medals and other, things in bafs relievo,
on paper:—Take the {havings of fuperfme white
paper, and deep them in fair water for fix or eight
days, then put them into a clean earthen pot with
water, and boil them for twoor three hours : this done,
take them out of the pot. with as little moi dure as pof-
fible, and ftamp them in a ftone mortar very fmall
and fine ; then put them into a clean linen bag. and
hancr that in a veffel with clean water, changing the
water once or twice a week : when you have oc-
cafion to ufc it, take as much as you want out of the
bag, fqueezing the water from it, and put it on the
mould, pre fling it down gently with a fponge, which
will foak up the water, and make the impreffion
more Derfeft ; this being done, fet the mould to drv,
in the fun, or in a warm room, and when dry, the
impreffion will come off fair and as {harp as if caft
in fine plaifter of Paris.

To caft vegetables in moulds, peculiarly prepared
for filver :—Take fine and clear clay, or fpalter, that
is drv, and pound it fine in a mortar; then take
a copper or iron pan, put in your clay, and give it a
brifk fire, and after you have heated it thoroughly,
take it off and let it cool ; then take one part ol this
clay, one part alumen plumofum, grind them to-
gether and caft the mixture in little feints, which put
into a fire to anneal ; beat it very fine, and when you
would form your plant, take one part of this powder
and one part of alumen plumofum, grind them to-
gether, and add as much of the clay powder as the
mixed matter doth contain, and mix and grind them
all together. Then take fome potter's clay, to make
a coffin round your plant, fpread it in what manner
you think proper, and after the coffin is dry. anoint

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