Atkinson, Thomas [Mitarb.]
Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos — London, 1904

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1 cm

figures to which this and the two preceding heads belonged must have
measured about '20 in length.

Head of boar (?), details in dull red-black paint on white wash ; perforated
cylindrical snout, high crest, eyes in relief, ears large but broken.

Belly of quadruped, reddish-brown paint on white wash.

Hcadless pig, XL. 31, with hollow well-formed body; half-way along
the back is a round aperture ; a marked spinal ridge along the back is con-
tinued in the teil, which is turned to one side; reddish surf'ace on which are
large spots in dull red paint ; length -08.

Fragment of a cow, Fig. 176, the largest and best-modelled of the animal
terracottas. Greenish-yellow clay covered with a white wash, on which are
spots of. conventional trilobate form in dull purple-black paint. Only the
hind-quarters, the tail switched across the Hank, the udder, and stumps of

Fig. 176.— Hind-quarters of TerracoTta Pig. 177.—Forepart op Terracotta Cow
Cow in Native Melian Ware. in Imported Mycenaean Ware.

two legs, are preserved. Like the preceding figure it is hollow and has a
round orifice half-way along the back. Original length probably '30, present
lengtli -18. Found in G 3 :10 in the Early Mycenaean Stratum (Second
City) at a depth of 2.40.

Small headless quadruped, XL. 32, cut with a knife out of a similar but
grecner clay, and adorned with lines of dull purple-black paint. Length -035.

Two legs, rough cylinders of clay, spreading at the foot, with white slip
and dull black paintingin lines and splashes; height '07.

Tail of bird (?), barred with lines of chocolate-brown paint on fine white
wash; width '0HH.

(d) Finc yelloiv clay with buff slip and glaze paint; imported Mycenaean.—
Horned head of ox, XL. 29, in good Mycenaean wäre.
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