Barrow, John [Editor]
Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested: Illustrated with Fifty-six Copper-Plates. In Two Volumes (Band 2) — London, 1758

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DiSiionarium Polygraphicum :

Or, The Whole-


Regularly Digefted.


E. The ARTS of Defigning, Drawing, Painting, Wafhing

Prints, Limning, Japanning, Gilding: Alfo Perfpedlive, the Laws of
Shadows, Dialling, Sec.

II. Carving, Cutting in Wood, Stone ; Moulding and Calling Figures
in Plaifter, Wax, Metal; Engraving, Etching, and Mezzotinto.

III. An historical Account of the moll confiderabie Painters, Sculptors,
Statuaries, and Engravers; with thofe Cyphers or Marks by which
their Works are diftinguifhed.

IV. An Explanation of the Emblematical and Hieroglyph:cal Repre-
fentations of the Heathen Deities, Powers, Human Pallions, Virtues,
Vices, &c. of great Ufe in Hiftory-Painting.

V. The Production, Nature, Refining, Compounding, Tranfmutation
and Ting-ine all Sorts of Metals and Minerals of various Colours.

VI. The Arts of Making, Painting or Staining all Sorts of Giafs
and Marble ; Enamelling; Methods of imitating Precious Stones,
Pearls, &c.

VII. Dying all Sorts of Materials, Linen, Woollen, Silk, Leather,
Wood, Ivory, Horns, Bones; alio Bleaching and Whitening Linen,
Hair, &c.

VHL The Art of Tapeftry-Weaving, as now performed in Eng-
land, Flanders, and France, either of the high or low Warp; and
many other curious Manufactures.

IX. A Defcription of Colours, Natural and Artificial; their Produ&ions,
Natures or Qualities, various Preparations, Compofitions, and Ufes.

X. The whole Art of Pyrotechny, or Fire-Works; and the Chinele
Method of making Porcelain : Together with a great Variety of
other curious Particulars not here enumerated.

Illuftrated with Fifty-fix Copper-Plates.
The Second Edition, Corrected and Improved.

V O L. II.

L 0 N D O N:

Printed for C. Hitch and L. Hawej, in Pater-nofrer-R.ow ;
J. Hjnton, in Nevveate-Street; and L. Davis and C.Reymers,
againlt GrayVInr., Holborn. M.DCC.LVIII.
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