Beaufort, Francis
Karamania, or a brief description of the south coast of Asia-Minor and of the remains of antiquity: with plans, views, &c. ; collected during a survey of that coast, under the orders of the lords commissioners of the admiralty, in the years 1811 & 1812 — London, 1817

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We next came to two decayed and
uninhabited fortresses, called Korghos
Kalaler (castles); the one standing on
the main land, and connected with the
ruins of an antient town; and the other,
covering the whole of a small island close
to the shore. The former has undoubted-
ly been a place of considerable strength;
it is enclosed by double walls, each of
which is flanked by towers, and again
surrounded by a moat, communicating
with the sea by an excavation through
the rock of thirty feet in depth. The
walls contain many pieces of columns,
which prove that they were constructed
out of the remains of former buildings;
in some parts these broken shafts are laid
in regular courses, and in one place they
appear to be symmetrically arranged,
somewhat resembling the balls in the
arms of Tuscany. The inside area of the
fortress contains a church, several large
subterranean reservoirs, and a multitude
of walls and houses that have been pur-
posely destroyed.
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