Beaufort, Emily Anne
Egyptian sepulchres and Syrian shrines: including some stay in the Lebanon, at Palmyra and in Western Turkey ; in 2 vol. (Band 2) — London, 1862

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" Have ye left the mountain places,
Oreads wild, for other trysts ?
Shall we see no sudden faces
Strike a glory through the mist ?
Not a sound the silence thrills
Of the everlasting hills.

EARLY the whole of our first three days in Athens

1.1 were devoted to the Acropolis—viewing it by the
earliest morning, by the sunset, and by the light of the
full moon : each portion of the day throws its own perfec-
tion on the view, and the Acropolis has not been seen un-
less by all three lights. Fortunately the buildings united
there need no description from my feeble pen, as draw-
ings, paintings, and photographs of them abound,—:the
latter, however, give no idea of anything but the archi-
tectural detail and the general proportion, and Athens
is sadly travestied in a sepia-brown representation of its
marbles. The eclatante brightness of the beautiful stone
is at no time so well seen as in the early morning, for it
is dipped in a hundred dyes by the afternoon rays of the
sun; the remarkable beauty of the sparkling material
has, perhaps, a still larger share in the perfection of

Z 4

Pan, Pan is dead.

E. B. Bkowning.
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