Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1903 (Heft 1)

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CAMERA WORK: AN illustrated quarterly magazine devoted
to Photography. Published and edited by
Alfred Stieglitz. Associate Editors: Joseph
T. Keiley, Dallett Fuguet, John Francis Strauss. Subscription price for
one year, Four Dollars. Single copy-price of this number at present, Two
Dollars. The right to increase the price of subscription without notice is
reserved. All copies are mailed at the risk of the subscriber; positively
no duplicates. Registering and cardboard packing, Fifty Cents extra. The
management binds itself to no stated size or fixed number of illustrations,
though subscribers may feel assured of receiving the full equivalent of their
subscription. While inviting contributions upon any topic related to
Photography, unavailable manuscript or photographs will not be returned
unless requested and accompanied by required return postage. Address
all communications or remittances to Alfred Stieglitz, 162 Leonard Street,
New York, U. S. A. The cover and marque designed by Eduard J.
Steichen. Gravures in this number by the Photochrome Engraving
Company, New York. Arranged and printed on the presses of Fleming
& Carnrick, New York. This issue, Number 1, is dated January, 1903.
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