Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1907 (Heft 17)

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THE first six plates in this number of Camera Work
are devoted to the work of Mr. Joseph T. Keiley.
The gravures, “ Lenore,” “ The Last Hour,” “ Por-
trait—Miss De C.,” and “Spring,” were all made
directly from Mr. Keiley's original negatives; none of
which have been manipulated or retouched in any
respect or from any point of view. “A Garden of
Dreams” and “A Bit of Paris” are halftones made
from two of Mr. Keiley’s most successful glycerine
platinotypes. This printing method he was undoubtedly the first to
use with understanding, and in fact was the first to introduce to the
pictorial photographer in its present valuable, practical and modified form,
thus having virtually done for the glycerine process what Mr. Demachy
has done for the gum.
The two plates devoted to Mr. F. Benedict Herzog’scompositions
are gravures made directly from “ original ” negatives. Mr. Herzog’s
pictures and methods are fully treated elsewhere in this number of the

“In the Circus,” by Harry C. Rubincam of Denver, was reproduced
directly from the original negative. Mr. Dugmore’s beautiful fish study
was similarly reproduced. Thus these two examples, together with four of
Mr. Keiley’s, represent photography in its pure phase.
In “ Progress in Photo-Portraiture,” by Mr. J. Montgomery Flagg,
our readers are given an opportunity to see how one of this country’s
cleverest cartoonists has been impressed with some of the new photography
as compared with the old.

ON November eighth the second series of exhibitions at
291 Fifth Avenue was ushered in with a Members’
Exhibition. In all eighty-four prints were hung,
representing the work of the following Secessionists:
(the numbers in parenthesis denote the number of
pictures each had on the walls) Alvin Langdon Coburn
(7); Gertrude Käsebier (7); Eduard J. Steichen (7);
Clarence H. White (7); George H. Seeley (5); Alice
Boughton (4); W. B, Dyer (4); Joseph T. Keiley (4);
Frederick H. Pratt (4); Annie W. Brigman (3);
Helen Lohmann (3) ; Alfred Stieglitz (3); Jeanne E. Bennett(2) ; Herbert
G. French (2). The following had but one print each : John G. Bullock;
Sidney Carter; J. M. Elliot; Adelaide Hanscom ; I. P. Hodgins; Spencer
Kellogg, Jr.; E. Keck; J. B. Kerfoot; Marshall R. Kernochan; Chester
A. Lawrence ; Chas. H. MacDowell; Chas. Peabody ; Jeanette E. Peabody ;

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