Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1913 (Heft 44)

Page: [69]
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1 cm
The very essence
of efficiency.
Literally small enough to go into the vest pocket
(or a lady’s hand bag)—big enough to bring home
all outdoors — a miniature in size, but lacking
nothing of Kodak efficiency or simplicity.
Has Kodak Ball Bearing shutter with iris diaphragm stops,
meniscus achromatic lens. Autotime scale and brilliant reversi-
ble finder. Loads in daylight with Kodak Film Cartridges for
eight exposures. A fixed focus makes it always ready for quick
work. Lustrous black metal finish.
Pictures, i 54 x 2 inches. Price, $6.00
Catalogue at your dealers, or on request. Free.
EASTMAN KODAK CO., Rochester, N. Y.
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