Campbell, Colin

Vitruvius Britannicus or The British Architect: Containing The Plans, Elevations And Sections of the Regular Buildings both Publick and Private In Great Britain ; With Variety of New Designs ; in 200 large Folio Plates Engraven by the best Hands, and Drawn either from the Buildings themselves or the Original Designs of the Architects ; In II Volumes


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Band 1, London, 1717
Band 2, London, 1717
Band 3: Containing The Geometrical Plans of the most Considerable Gardens and Plantations, also the Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the most Regular Buildings, not Published in the First and Second Volumens: With Large Views, in Perspective, of the most Remarkable Edifices in Great Britain ; Engraven by the Best Hands in One Hundred large Folio Plates, London, 1725
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