Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 3): The great transitional age in the northern and eastern sections of the Palace — London, 1930

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$84. The 'Queen's Megaron' as reconstituted.

How far were sexes segregated in Palace ? Epic tradition ; Isolated Halls
at Tiryns, and Mycenae; More open system at Knossos—movable hearths ;
Yet certain elements in common with Mainland plan ; Notched phime decora-
tion of Knossian hearths on that of Mycenae ; A nalogy supplied by relation
of two Halls at Tiryns; The ' Dog's-leg Corridor ' ; Dotible Compartments
of ' Queens Megaron' ; Private staircase and tipper ' Thalamos'; Pillared
Stylobates of ' Queen's Megaron'; Bi-columnar Portico and Eastern Light-
area ; Evidences of wind erosion; Data for earlier history of Megaron;
Successive pavements and levels ; ' Mosaiko ' pavement below Gypsum slabbing ;
' Kalderim' pavement below this ; ' Mosaiko ' system M. M. II b—its original
extension; Other evidences of M.M. Ilh date of 'Mosaiko' pavements ;
'JV'attire-printed' fresco with sponges associated with ' Mosaiko' system;
Ceramic parallels to process ; Printed sponges a stage towards later 'Marine
style'; Red gypsum border of' Marine' panel; Gypsum pavement answers to
later strtictures; Underlying stratum M. M. Ill a in East section of
Megaron ; In inner section L. M. I z. sherds predominate ; Pillared sty lob ate
connected with M. M. Ill paving; Wooden benches along stylobates; Double
Axe socket found by Central Stylobate; Fresco of Dancing Lady ; Painted
stucco relief with papyrus pattern—recalls ceiling decoration of Orchomenos ;
Parallels from Tirynthian friezes ; Fits in with L, M. I redecoration ; South
Light-area—M. M. II walls ; Incidence of light; Eastern Light-area—
successive walls; Reoccupalion wall; Remains of ' Dolphin Fresco'; Over-
lapping of decorative systems ; Painted stucco on Lighi-ivell wall; Section of
'Dolphin Fresco' reconstituted; Painted clay tub; Bath-room of 'Queens
Megaron'—remains of spiral frieze ; Painted clay bath—L.M. II reed
decoration; M.M. Ill bath compared; Water transport by hand labour;
Back passage with spiral band; Toilette Room and Latrine; Plaster dais;
Great stone water-shafts in wall—possible cistern ; Exceptional conveniences
of ' Queens Megaron'—ideal interior view ; Holes in pavement slab for
game—Parallels from Mallia and Gouruid ; Miniature Fresco showing boys
playing pavement game.

In assigning separate apartments to the two sexes, and endeavouring How far
to define the limits of the women's realm proper in the residential quarter of ™xes se_
the Palace, much caution and many reserves are necessary. That, according grated >n
to the Minoan arrangements, the two sexes were to a certain degree
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