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Hicky's Bengal gazette, or The original Calcutta general advertiser — 20.1781

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the Shi*;vBernfWff, *W.mdytne Old Hoff:n - jfjargcn, Monf Le Ca'iepr-, ,; Charley Du'tlo.ct quints brought into the. Schools';', in'more

d m l.'idiamiti, havjnj !'-••-£ tint [dace ths 27th
April, but was <.lft.iiii.-J being in Company
with the Kloct, as fame of th: Merchant; V cf-

fck' were heavy Sjiiors.--—We ftop'd at

Tellicherry far a few days .to relieve the Grarri-
fm of the Madras Troops, durin.; our ftay
there the Ene.ny one Night attempted to de-
ftroy o'ir Fleet, by fettiiij fuc to IdmiW.clLTs
Witch happilv di 1 n > d.urii<e, as they ii >,ncd
clear of our Ships in the OiSiig abou t a quar-

terof aVVIile,---Til's Nircs are ftti 1 firing at.

bur Forts, osisof; w.nch called Mile end, has
n> hsfs than four Bateriss,. an 1 3 Stockades
ci-ifhtidy firinr; am Dinting from 12 to .18

Pmaders.--The Ships Bctfey, Nancy,

and Union, arc ail f.fc ait/el on the Malabar
Co'.lr, the latter was fpoite by the Coventry.
vVd parted Co up my with Sir K I. Hughes
the 24/1 May i.i the iiveniii..wiirhi the fallow-;

inj Ship-*,-Snperbe, Eagle, Exeter, B fr-

for.l, W irci-ilcr, Coventry, and Cnafer.-■

Merchant mm, Y•>■;*., Yarmouth, J?rcsin-alt>n
aiij Triumph.

— General viiih'al w'th his Arm? are down
at Po.idwell for the it tins, we have had our
E'fcirtJ attacked bath coming and gaihg with
L.dTes on both ti le».

Colonel Came his had a Vi&dry over $
part / of t he Enemy Confiding of 6000 Men
bcfi.lcs 20 mi HiVrfc, commandad t»y Rajah
Scindy, who 11 atrowiy efeaped with iw n:.
Hwfcv, We have had fsvral Oifi.-ers killed,
and Cap'. Tmda! of the Artil'ery Died of his
Wounds, The Yarmouth Cut. Wtlfon, 1
expe& in a Is// Days, pr ivtdeddhe. does not
difpofe of her Cv'ryw, at Madias, alfo the
Snow Triumph C tpt. Rjehardfon-.

Ship ti -n'rftorff tnjeHee id June 178r.

Capt. Jo.m Campbell of the M-aitiry ty"a—


ASF Mon<Jvf was not celebrated as
r his Mijcity's Birth Day in this Set-
tle, nent, to che incxprefliple.. Grief and
difap'poiutmertt of all GuzUrs-Qorm-vdi-
zrrs, fopsrs, TipkrSi ah 1 D'voan>rsy pxv-
ticatarly Sir Cbrijia't Turkf yl&'w: are
old had prep-ir'd litinfelf by j E netics.
Povf)ifo Brand)r-fac;, who has oeea (ob«r
and lived Io.v for to ne D tys pwceeiihg
it. Mii: Bida'-fapuni many oth:r Bon
Viv2 i:s of this L ixuri :• is Settle ment,
n^or (tilappoitics i Baf-E-ii.rs rai nbr.it
the Settle neat open m.iarne.i, Id netuUg
the Dii>r.iee likely to be cat on the
Company's lJ:>u.ity, au I the bfs which
will accrue n man/ warthy iTrajcf.nen
by this negledf thus c:tcu.i;ig"their o./n
V'eracibuTnefs by an Appdafaddc or com-
pa.apn for others. _ _

Nofe'v (ar^on was difanpninten in Eth-bi't-
ing his 'A't.wl SGnuit fiafmfy habited as u-
f.itl in Black Velvet, L,'ik.e.yife f-vcral of th*
Uncanny and Puppy Tribt lately Imported •
into Calcutta vyerc prevented d fplavin<r ttieir
pretty (oft. delicate ft vures.bef ire the .Ladies.

Tnis Meilauchally ciret n tancc is alcriDcd
to the Low defiled ftatc of the. Vice Roy's
fpirus owing to the Solitary (late of th: T.ca-
furv, and notwj-thftaivling the mmy fa^a.ious
p.aas of Finance conrrafted by Charley ITil-
lock, Sawney Mac fc'argus and other Ahti,
£)<mt!vrer, the knowing ones all dec'are with

a jhrttg that by G—J it will n it do.-.'Mas!

po r John Companv ! thou art Bled to a iiioit

to Deatn l><----tli''clir.g, Scban is and Con-

traSlen. ■ —As poor Polly ijd.veis declared in
her expirin; m iment«-.

'Fhe >oor Old Women Turkey freeders at
BanJeil 'in hopes of paying off their Years
Rent by ihe l]'>unty ,of the Gr-ntteineii of ti e
Eaidifii-Settlemcnt, at tl is annua] convivial
f ..fon, came down with a lar^c freight of Tiv-
ktts lot falc, on the Kings Birth Day, hut to
their forrowful difappointmcnt, found they
had brought their d'urkicsto a wrong market

iiiixey Clninf v, Comn.;ii..rv Mai.' Uae-iii., ]-■<<,.-

miuI many.tottwr.Schemers, contractors, an* . ' , • ,

( • r , ■ prove on the wi e and elegant compoii-

uiwncrcirijl terorgers have inter ted *a proteit in \. .., \ . ^ a.

(dprm.againft.tfie .Confumer of a certain Vice tl0ns ot nnftotlcr- I heir fkib trf Gar-'

Koy, tbr.bu.ng.Humii'd out of a good Dinner • denrng iurpafles - any other in the Britiih

ufually given in honour of his Majeities Birth Ifles, the neatnels. and Strength of their

Day. Pavements-, /hew them to have been alfo

A Correfpondcni obferves that Dick $qn:b Msfters of that moll ufel'ul Art to mucit

will uiHiucllionahly Succeed Mr. B---.V .'/v., „.,j 1 4 1 ,1 \

., 1 / . , , , >-v , , 1 Iiqdied, and attended to by the Anctt-nc

as Kt-nu;,nt at tn- Cotot or Uwde lor two -,, ■• , ,- '

very good .cafons ; H.lt becaufe he was Romans; . ior lac prekrvation ot the
JidtruHiental in tffedtmg a certain Sham Di-P^alic Highways. But tho5 I might c->
ysra, and fccoiidly for fear he fliuuid'bet- numerate miany more good qualities in'
1 ay lome 1 crtt 'IVanf.cd on's of the Great that Ancient and famous People j Cale-
Megul and Aai Chudte ead, 11 to which he • don'c'Us will give me leave Co prefent a'
has/with his wcnt.d Cun.ung Wormed l.imfJf flJOrc G3ancc 6i lhc que)tion, relpeetino-
can any ivlan ponds crater Merits, r 1 -i ,- ,' ... 1 '." ,' %','.'■'. 7

y ' , 1 ,, ;* , 1 , r. • their prelent-; innuejice • in the iinnia

It is re| ont-d that Aicbys uzmtus ft „ l,

has been lo llrong upon him, th.it lie h.,s ""Ounctis.
not bt eji U. n in l ubiie thcic ten Davs
O f Ka' e Afaii iitsony.

Ditd.J Oil A.onJay lafl Jofcph Cooper.

Mr. H I C K Y,

•^7 CUR Coirefpondent Caledoneus, in
J. defending ins Countrymen, writes
with more Candor and Moderation than
moffc Eflayifls who endeavour to vindi-
cate the Influence of Scotch Councils on
the Britiih Government; but-tho* lie
treats your Readers with a great nvny

Words, and adorns his Phcc with Sina- j Language*, theTordler confiits of llrong
lcr, Alufions, and Metrphois, which 11 txpreflive Roots, and fev/ Compounds j
dare lay 1 e thought analogous to his ! the laiter of Ibrne of thole Roots, and a
fubjecf, yet he mule adduce one proof, I great many Compounds of the fame
.or at kait fomelhing like it, to fimport | Kooci; which clearly proves whence if
his- AiTertions, before his numerous Jpfi j deduced it's. Origin,"beddes their feudal

diem (which is- in plainer Words a
-y Government wherever it- pie-

'i'lie 5cotck defcended from their
Neighbours of Ireland, retained not on-
ly the Language'but'Laws, habits, cuf-
toms, maimers atid Prejudices of their
Anceflcrs, ('tis true that in the late fhort
Gleam, of Scotch Profpedty- f>me of
their Writers dift.laimed the kindred, as
Jofephus tells us the Phii'dlines ferved
the jews, in dike Circumlbmces; but
that .Man who denies rlie Identity of their
being Originally 'from that Stock, mult
be an..-utter ltraneer to the Irii.li and Erie

Dixits, will procure him one: i.mpagha

1 have not in the 'leafl attended to
thole pafiages, that gave file to Ids lea ti-
ed Aniniadvcrfiuns; but fuppcfe . they
mu ft be of a fafcaflic:mature* and level'd
at the Country in general of North Bri-
tain: If fo they are un'iair. anu lUc'oe-
ral; though I have nor the good fortune
to be a Native of that Country, 1 a .Jure
you, few Scotchmen have a greater va-
lue and Eftecm for many ciiilitiguiih'd
virtues which adorn that Ancient Nati-
on, the number and Antiquity of their
places of Public Worihip, announce
their piety ; ihv.lv public Seminaries with
the wife Hatutes on which they are foun-
ded, do honour to their Learning -, The
Promptirude with which they adopted
the Reformation, prove them enlighten-
ed, the Regularity and Goodncis or their
. prefent eccleliailical Difcipl'ne (tho' no.
Diilentci) I think diilinguiih their0Cicr-
gy, as Models, Retigious Oeconom'y ;
ttjieir true tafle in Mulic, fhe.v in thofe
Modern times of mufical Depravity,
what able and pt-flt Compofers in that-
noble Art mud have fourifu'd therein
times of which the memory is. now loft,
in the dark fhadc of time as long as tile
human Far retains his Senfations, or the
human heart it's AiTeclions-, Scotch
Mas will pleafe,- and delight, when the
modern Cantatas' of Italy, and France
and the tinkling compol

vails) their Clarifliips and Family feuds
(often dividing them like a rope of land)
their, MU Lie ry S .lags. &c,

' Tn'-he Ccu:ik:ic<t. ?■ #v •
Yeflerday arrived at Jr.gelie Capt.
Laiho.ns' (loop Irani Fatavia, With Mr
Cafs Eiibraeth on.board, he lias a rack-
et with him- ov great importance for
Chinfura, which he would not Rifk to
fend by the Choky-Boat bur. goes up
to Chinfurah directly with all PofTlbk
fpeed, in the fioop.

To be SOLD at Public SALE.
A T Mr, Hans Migels at his Houfe
2_ \ near the- dankiaul at Chinfurah^
on Vvednefday ne;;t the ijth Imt. the
following Articles Viz.

Claret, Flock, Frontiniac, Malago
Sack in Pint dottles, Sarrain Do, Cap-..-
Railins, Cufr'uns, l'runes, Pickled
Tongues, and, Wetlphalia Flams impor-
ted in the lait Hutch Ship from Europe,
Madeira in Piper5 Years Old, Faints of
different Colours, Window Olals of all
fizes, Bataviay'i'eak" crooked -,'i'imbers
for Boat:;, Long Cloth, and Chintz,
and iundry other Article:..

.. Chinfurah 4th June 1781.

To be S O L D.
U-ST Imported, An Elegant Europe,
tions of'fo.nc I J <CWc>t- ..Enquire of Mr. Sherburne

of the xnoft famous modern Mailers of
thofe Countries, who mi (pent their live;
in frittering awav that noble Sttiea.ee i i-
to fnort notes, and unmeaning Immtk,
in liew of the Stedtp-g Merit of Ancient
Mufid'wiil Fall in:.) contempt t.A 1 Obli-
vion ; jud lb Seneca ckb ihd the Roman rj-^H.i foZomn? trthrt ore received Cwjia>4
Eloquence by the timid which lie intrc- j[ -reader-,' Lt'uius, atid a Ittt.r -tcitb ' th
W^hcat that Stephen Barbecue Efq;. Mr'.l duced into his molt ydudble Writings, ' ^cmp^mrg ffl'pd. 91 (p<r m.Coi Lai.-.ac
Cuu... Uar)if.*ihi v-i>t. Ma; Bannr No-fiy .and fuch arc the. Quiddities- which- Ac- L-etsd-Kicm. . . .........

at whefe Hotife It may be feer.

" j U S T P LM^L .I :s"~ILE D-
BY AUTHOR1 I Y. ./ ?,

AND to be brdd at the Library, the Late
Dye Law, <hhe: Hound or in S'--t-.

Ack :civi d;]err.cnis to Ccrr;fpr,:;di->its.
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