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Himalayan Times


This database provides free access to the existing issues of the English language periodical "Himalayan Times" produced by Suresh Chandra Jain in Kalimpong (West-Bengal, India) from 1947 until 1963. Note that while full-text search of the contents is available, there are certain limitations due to the often low quality of the originals.The material was digitized within the project "Kalimpong as a 'Contact Zone': Encounters between Tibet and Western Modernity in the Early 20th Century" (Cluster of Excellence "Asia & Europe," University of Heidelberg), headed by Prof. Dr. Birgit Kellner and Dr. Markus Viehbeck. We especially wish to thank Dr. Isrun Engelhardt for her tireless effort in gathering the existing issues from various institutions, as well as Sandip Jain, successor in the work of his grandfather and father, for his unfailing support. Furthermore, also the help of Anna Sawerthal and Sarah Ewald in gathering and sorting the acquired material is highly appreciated.

DOI / Citation link: https://doi.org/10.11588/diglit.22455  
URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-diglit-224557  
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