International studio — 31.1907

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The use made in' Japan of stencil plates has
been referred to in early numbers of The Studio.
While the decoration of crepes and other textile
fabrics is mainly the cause of their employment, quite
a large number of pictures for the panels of low-
priced screens, wall-papers, patterned papers for
lining boxes and other purposes are also produced
by their aid. A remarkable feature of Japanese
stencil work is its great delicacy and intricacy of
detail. The following illustrations from examples

in the beautiful collection formed by Wilson
Crewdson, Esq., M.A., J.P., are excellent, not
only because of the technical skill displayed in
their production, but also for the artistic quality
of their design. The fine hairlines which join the
various portions of the pattern together are clearly
shown in the reproductions. In use, these lines
are too fine to obstruct the flow of colour from the
stenciller’s brush, and are therefore not seen_in the
completed work.


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