International studio — 36.1908/​1909(1909)

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The National Society of Home Art and Decoration

WE ARE glad to be able to publish the
foiiowing ietter signed "A Western Woman." In
this the conditions and requirements of our corre-
spondent are so clearly stated that, together with
the littie draft of the fioor pian which we reproduce
as she has drawn it, we are enabied to give her
practicai advice.
As I iive so far from the center of things I
feei it a great chance to have such an offer as your
society extends, and I am promptly taking the
iiberty of asking your aid through your columns.
I shaii be most deepiy gratefui, for I am at a ioss
to know how to begin my work. We are just in
moderate circumstances, but I do so iong to have
pretty things around me and have my iittle home
in good taste. I have drawn a rough^sketch of
the remodeled pian of my rooms.
We had a four-room house and it was very oid
style. We moved it back twenty-one feet and are
buiiding two rooms, a hali and porch across the
front of the house. The new standing woodwork
is to be hard yeliow pine. Wouid you kindiy sug-
gest the finish for same ? Wouid you like the same
finish for woodwork ali the way through the house ?
The fioors, I had thought I wouid have of white
pine. Kindly advise me as to best finish for these.
As servants are uncertain in this iocaiity I may
often have to do my own work, so in deciding upon
the hnish for wood I want one that wiii wear weii
and that I can keep in good order.
I am at a loss as to the treatment of my waiis.
My dining-room in the oid part of the house is
hard and smooth, finished white. Shouid I have
the others hnished the same way or given a rough
hnish, and how couid I treat them ? I do want a
nice, soft, rich effect and something harmonious.
There wiii be no doors in the openings from haii
to parior or from parior to dining-room. The
rooms are ali light.
Now, I wouid iike to ask you to advise me as to

the furnishing. I must furnish my two new rooms
and my hail and partiy refurnish my dining-room.
I was thinking of having a dressing-table and chif-
fonier and bed. Do you think bird's-eye-maple
wouid be dainty ? What coior scheme wouid you
employ and what kind of covering for fioor ? What
wouid I require in my hail and what color pian
wouid you suggest and what furnishing ? I have no
piano. Aii I have that I couid use is a smaii writ-
ing-desk of mahogany hnish, and an armchair
of wicker.
I have for my dining-room a square pedestai
dining-tabie in oak and an oid oak sideboard with
a fancy top and sheives on the side with a mirror
set above the grilie work at the back. I wouid
just iove to have a Mission set and if I can get rid
of my sideboard I thought of getting a buffet
and china closet and new chairs. Can you heip
ine with suggestions as to style, etc. ? I think I
can manage the other bedroom and servant's room,
as I do not feel I can ask so many questions.

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