International studio — 50.1913

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A Tribute to the Work of the Late Norman St. Ctair

and bore neither the stamp of a school nor
the earmarks of his contemporaries.
In these latest pictures his unique individualism
is more pronounced, his color always subdued,
pure and truthful, gained a quality of refinement
and restraint which adds subtle charm to his
work. The poetic quality once lacking in many
of this artist’s well-drawn subjects, is now strongly
felt. Another evident advance is the successful
elimination of detail in the foregrounds and of
non-essentials in the whole general treatment.
Advancing Morn, a medal picture, is one of Mr.
St. Clair’s largest and most highly successful
renderings. It possesses both scope and purpose.
The study leads us down from sunlit hills in the
foreground to the shadows of a canyon beyond.
The live oaks on the hillside are well painted and
the growing light dispelling reluctant shadows, is
strongly felt. Trees of Gold is another contrast
of light and shadow, the color is quite unusual
and the composition a trifle fantastic, the effect,
however, is very pleasing. Hillside Harvest pos-
sesses a spontaneity which will appeal to all who

know Nature in her gay, unguarded moods. This
is painted in a broader style than Mr. St. Clair
was wont to employ. Where Spring and Autumn
Meet is a study of Californian winter coloring
showing a group of sycamores in russet dress.
Mr. St. Clair painted pleasing moonlight and his
marines are full of sparkling light.
The recent death of this comparatively young
artist came suddenly and left a void in the ranks
of Western water-colorists which will prove diffi-
cult to fill.
Brown-Robertson Company, the well-known
Art Publishers, will establish headquarters,
August first, at 707 Fifth Avenue, New York, in
connection with the new Ehrich Galleries. In
addition to their general print-publishing business,
a special exhibition gallery will be maintained
for the purpose of increasing the acquaintance
with, and appreciation of, contemporary etchers,
color etchers and engravers.

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