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"^toomas bailey aldrich house, portsmouth, new hampshire

f cture chairs either decked roofs and watch-tower cupolas are surely

Portsmouth began to mu» pendale motives a result of lives closely bound to the sea and ships,

copied from or inspired by executed Almost all of the houses which commanded a view

and it is possible that tl^ Govemor's house. of the ocean had some sort of elevated lookout,

some of the woodwor m 1 carpenters and Few of them, however, had a more imposing tower

It is probable that most o ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ D,w]c[ R pierce houge ^ pons_

builders of colonial ^fw Certainly the mouth. The stress laid on the vertical elements

their skill through ship buU evident in ahd the lack of strong horizontals make it difficult

influence of seafaring ways t(jwns jhc flat- to appreciate the actual proportions of the house,

the architecture of the coas • ^ d particularly of the

„nr„ op the thomas bailey house _ . .

view in the gardenoi^I____ —j interior, is very tine.

Of quite another type is the
house which has recently been
made a memorial to Thomas
Bailey Aldrich. Simpler than
the others it is the sort of house
which is most characteristic of
the New England towns. Its
gables and plain walls are in ex-
cellent proportion and there is
a dignity inherent in its lines
which is often missed in the
more ornate dwellings. It is,
one feels, above all else a house
for comfortable living.

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