International studio — 81.1925

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the potter woodcut by m. meheut

cModevn PREN6H W00D6UT8

r~l ince the Wear the wood- Publishers in France are tratcd exclusively by this
^ cut as a medium for making extensive use of medium. In the case of one
book illustration has woodcuU as illustrations for ™Iume wh"f was °«g'nally
been revived in J-rance and r> j'j." s l i illustrated by pen and ink

at present it bids fair to J1^ edlti0ns °J OOOkS drawings by Victor Hugo

supplant all others. The Allan RoSS Macdouaall these were engraved on
extent of this extraordinary wood. The volumes appear

revival can be best demonstrated by a brief statis- once a month and contain from thirty to sixty
tical quotation. In 1912 the first exposition of the full-page illustrations printed from the original
Societe de la Gravure sur Bois Originate was held woodcuts, initial letters, head- and tail-pieces, all
at the Pavillion de Marsan. The number of cut by a master of the art. These books—by such
exposants was forty-nine. After being interrupted authors as Colette, Paul Bourget, Henry Bor-
by the war the expo- deaux, Claude Far-

woodcut for chapter heading by dignimont to illus- ,

sition was held again trate "les innocents." ferenczi, publishers, paris rere, Francis Carco

in 1922 and the mini- fM*T~^ST^a^pST^*MB|P"T^WeyT ft" y^Vjand Gerard d'Hou-

ber of artists exhibit- |>r>" 1 * ', "J' |L~ LI__" ntflHr1- - 1 ville with their

ing had reached the I aSGSliiir^^^^v'^^^'^ r|«"\'\ ^rVHSSPW clean-cut, arresting

total of one hundred I KS—pBSy^^^^^^^^s^Sv^ , mi? *4 illustrations are sold

and twenty-four. 1 PjSnaiJt V-** 0 Pi. RL<j£ CTl BowR \ 3 'or tne surn °f tw0

So great has be- IIR^fcSfl|9flj^mfflft^l^08fflI Sjylj ' 3 francs fifty, or a little

come the vogue ol the IIKtiIPSm M^WPTrli I ftnft' EL—Uilll— i 8 under fifteen cents!

woodcut that last year HrU 1 ■■65^Wl'''ttJfill lyTf^L* * M Much of the best

two large publishing j|l^^^r~^^3^_iMiiB3 Kt^SjJ^X'-^" ^11 work tne modern

houses each started i^St?MQniB^^S^^53F^y^^ ^ kJ French woodcut artist

editions of reprints of UI^ *1 BagfBS^—^ ^ef5^>4 * 19 is to be found in the

their better known P^^Si^HW^^^r^^^^^^S^^P^ / IS ^nC e(nt'ons to which

authors' works illus- wSSSSLammmmwiiiiBt&Bl^^ mm\ mk publishing houses like


april I925
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