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, Cbapter Till, Rallblitbe tahetb sbip again away.
itbelsleof Ransom^5^ -:

RSJS^ bc awohe, tbe sun sbone
into tbc ball by tbc Windows a-
bove tbe buttery.andtbere wcre
butfewfolk lefttberein.ßutso
soon as Rallblitbe was clad, tbc
oldwoman catneto bim,& tooh
bim by tbe band,and led bimto
a tbeboard.and signed to bimto

eat of wbat was tbereon; and be did so; and by tben
be was done, came folk wbo went into tbe sbut/bed
wbere lay tbeLong>boary, & tbey brougbt bim f ortb
bed and all and bare bim out a/doorsXben tbe crone
brougbt fiallblitbe bisarms, and be did on byrny,
and beim, girt bis sword to bis side, took bis spear'
in band andwentouta/doors;andtbere dose by tbc
porcb lay tbc Long/boary upon a borse/litter. So
Rallblitbe camc up to bim and gave bim tbe scle of
tbe day: & tbe eider said:"Good morrow,son.l am
glad to see tbec. Did tbey try tbee bard last night?"
JS Hnd Rallblitbe saw two of tbe carles tbat bad
borne out tbe eider, tbat tbey werc talhing togctber,
and tbey loohed on bim and laugbcd mochingly; so
bc said to tbe cldcr: "Oven fools may try a wise man,
and so it befel last night. Yct» ^9 tbou seest, mum-
tbou sawest was not all mumming; it was done ac-
cording to our customs; and well nigb all of it bad
been done,cven badst tbou not becn tbere. JNay,lwill
teil tbce;at some of our f easts it is not lawful to eat
eitber for tbecbief tains or tbe carles, tili a cbampion
batb given fortb a cballenge.and been answered and
jmet,& tbc battle fougbt to an end. ßut yc men,wbat
binderetb you to go to tbe borses' bcads&speed on
1 theroad tbe cbief tain wbo isno longer way/wortby?"
^O tbey ran to tbe borses and set down
tbe dale by tbe river/side, and just as
Rallblitbe was going to follow afoot,
tberc came a ewain from bebind,tbe
bousc leading a red borsc wbieb bc
I brougbt to Rallblitbe asone wbo bids
mount. So Rallblitbe leapt into tbc saddle &at onee
e2 -» si .

Aus William Monis und Walter Crane: „The Story of the Glittering Piain".
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