Nova litteraria eruditorum in gratiam divulgata — 1718 [VD18 90373030]

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VII. Nova Luter arti

culturam ssorum, additis nonnullis ad idem argu-
mentum spe&antibus. *
Matthias Earbery, Ecclesiae Anglicantc Presby-
ter, rigidiorum partibus addi&us, scriptis pro au-
tfloritate Episcoporum vindicanda editis dudum,.
notus, disiertafionem historicam ** in lucem emisit
de poteflate Principis in convocandis, prorogandis
dilTolvendisque Conciliis,Synodis, atque conventi-
bus i ubi pluribus exemplis in medium produ&is
ostendere conatur, quantum obfuerit Christianae
religioni hujus porestads abusus.
Infinitis prope ser ptis inter Summe Rev. Bango*
tensium Episiopum Benjam. Hoadly, ejusque adver-

* The Ladys Recreation in the Art of Gardening. Con~
taining i. Tbe Floxoer-Garden, shexoing tbe befi xoay of
propagating all sorts os Flowers, Floxoer- Trees, and
Shrubs; xoith exa£l diretlians sor their Prefertation
and Culture in all Particulars, 2 The mos com-
modious method of ereSing Confertatories, Green-
Houfes} and Oranges, xoith tbe (fulture and Mana•
gement of Eter-Greens, Exoticks, Fine - Greens &c.
j The Nature of Plantations in Atenues, FFalks,
VVildernejfes & c. xoith Direttions sor tbe raising,prun-
ing , and 'dispofmg os all losty Vegetables. 4 A
brief Kalendarium Hortense, partly collecled from
Mr. Evelyn, Mr.Wo\dtidge6cc.ntethodically reduc’d
and intersperfed xoith many useful Additions.
•* Titulus est : An Hisorical EJsay on tbe Poxcer ofa Prin-
ce in Calling, Proroguing, and Dijfolting Councilsy
Synods} and Contocations. In xohich is sbexen, srom
xumerous Infames, hoxo dangerous tbe Abufe os tbat
Power ha th been to the Chrisian Religion, By Mat-
thias Earbery, Presbyter os the Church os England,
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