Archaeological Survey of Nubia [Editor]; Ministry of Finance, Egypt, Survey Department [Editor]
Bulletin — 5.1909(1910)

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Bock Inscriptions near Dakka.


To the west of Dakka temple, about four kilometres from the
Nile, rise two prominent hills, the easternmost spur of a low range
which trends away from this point to the south and west. Of these
hills, the southern is known locally as Gebel Abu Dirwa, the northern
as Gebel Hassan Abu Nogara. On approaching these hills from the
river, one sees at their feet several isolated table-like formations of
compact sandstone, two of which, being inscribed, are of archaeological
interest. As these foothills show traces of ancient quarrying, and
as more may result—to the injury of the inscriptions—upon the with-
drawal towards the gebd of the villagers at Dakka, it was deemed
advisable to copy the records as they at present exist. The more
important are here presented.

Dr. G. Boeder has suggested that the demotic cartouche, (see
Station 1) may represent Intef, but he has further pointed out that
the absence of the title " Son of Ka," usually accompanying the
Intef inscriptions, renders this doubtful.

On the following pages the most significant of the inscriptions are
collected; they will, together with certain glyphs with which they
were associated, be more fully discussed later.
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