Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 9.1997(1998)

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Franciszek Pawlicki
The Polish-Egyptian Mission conducted conservation and
restoration works at Deir el-Bahari between December 1, 1996 and
April 10, 1997, in continuation of the four previous seasons,1 and in
accordance with a work program approved by the authorities of the
Supreme Council of Antiquities.
This season’s key objectives were as follows:
The restoration of the lower end of the northern balustrade
was completed over the season. Five assembled original limestone
blocks replaced the elements of the balustrade which E. Baraize
had introduced after Winlock's excavations.2 The blocks bear
representations of a lion carved in sunken relief on both sides of the
balustrade (the southern balustrade of the same ramp has
no decoration on the front). To render the original elements
impervious to aggressive agents, water and humidity, they were

1 The Mission comprised Dr. Franciszek Pawlicki (Director), Messrs. Rajmund Gazda,
Janusz Smaza, Wojciech Myjak, Andrzej Sosnierz, Mrs. Barbara Wotosz, Ms Agata
Wiaderny, conservators; Messrs. Marcin Dqbrowski, Andrzej Kwasnica, architects,
Mr Krzysztof Zlotkowski, civil engineer, Dr. Maciej Witkowski, Prof. Jan Krzysztof
Winnicki, Mrs. Hanna van Heijer, egyptologists, Mr Waldemar Jerke, photographer. Mr
Fabian Welc, student of archaeology, took part in the first part of the season. SCA was
represented by Mr Said Gubrail, inspector with the expedition, and Mr Mohammed
Shawky Bakri, representative of the Engineering Department of the SCA in the Gurna
Inspectorate. We wish to express our gratitude to Prof. Ali Hassan, Secretary General of
the SCA, Dr. Mohammed Soghir, Director General of Antiquities in Luxor, and
Dr. Mohammed Nasr, Director of the Gurna inspectorate, all of whom have helped in
various ways to bring the work to a successful end.
2 H. Winlock, The Egyptian Expedition 1924-1925, pp. 15-16.

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