Perring, John Shae ; Andrews, E. J. [Editor]
The pyramids of Gizeh: from actual survey and admeasurement (Band 3): The pyramids to the southward of Gizeh and at Abou Roash... — London, 1842

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This Number must be considered as an Appendix to the two former, for, with the exception of
the comparative levels of the water, and of Campbell's Tomb, it has not any relation to the Pyramids
and Monuments of Gizeh. Mr. Perring's researches were, however, a continuation of the inquiries
carried on in 1837, and his plans are made to correspond with those laid down at Gizeh. They
have been lithographed under the able direction of Mr. Arundale, of Berners Street.

The Text, as in the former instances, has been drawn up from Mr. Perrings observations; and
the Inscriptions have been elucidated by Mr. Birch, of the British Museum.


Page 5, Base of Northern Pyramid, for 257 feet 11 inches, read 257 feet.

Angle of Casing, for 51° 2' 5", read 51° 42' 35".

Length of Inclined Passage, for 13 feet 8 inches, read 14 feet.
Page 6, Former Base, for 75 feet 4 inches, read 75 feet 5 inches.

Breadth of Recess, for 51 feet, read 5 feet 1 inch.
Page 19, Base of Pyramid of Meydoom, for ahout 350 feet, read 530 feet.
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