Ruskin, John
The elements of drawing: in three letters to beginners — London, 1857

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in its purity, irrespective of added colour, or other
interfering elements of beauty.

Well, as curves are more beautiful than straight
lines, it is necessary to a good composition that its
continuities of object, mass, or colour should be, if
possible, in curves, rather than straight lines or
angular ones. Perhaps one of the simplest and
prettiest examples of a graceful continuity of this
kind is in the line traced at any moment by the
corks of a net as it is being drawn: nearly every
person is more or less attracted by the beaiity of
the dotted line. Now it is almost always possible,
not only to secure such a continuity in the arrange-
ment or boundaries of objects which, like these
bridge arches or the corks of the net, are actually
connected with each other, but—and this is a still
more noble and interesting kind of continuity —
among features which appear at first entirely sepa-
rate. Thus the towers of Ehrenbreitstein, on the
left, in Fig. 32., appear at first independent of
each other; but when I give their profile, on
a larger scale, Fig. 35., the reader may easily
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