Schlagintweit, Hermann von; Schlagintweit, Adolf; Schlagintweit, Robert von

Results of a scientific mission to India and High Asia: undertaken between the years MDCCCLIV and MDCCCLVIII, by order of the court of directors of the hon. East India Company


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Band 1: Astronomical determinations of latitudes and longitudes and magnetic observations: during a scientific mission to India and High Asia, Leipzig, 1861
Band 2: General hypsometry of India, the Himalaya, and Western Tibet, with sections across the chains of the Karakorúm and Kuenlúen: comprising, in addition to messrs. de Schlagintweit's determinations, the data collected from books, maps, and private communications, Leipzig, 1862
Band 3: Route-book of the western parts of the Himálaya, Tibet, and Central Asia: and geographical glossary from the languages of India and Tibet, including the phonetic transcription and interpretation, Leipzig, 1863
Band 4: Meteorology of India: an analysis of the physical conditions of India, the Himálaya, western Tibet, and Turkistan, Leipzig, 1866
Atlas: Atlas of panoramas and views, with geographical, physical, and geological maps: dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen of England, Leipzig, 1861-1866
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