Sherring, Matthew A.
The sacred city of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient and modern times — London, 1868

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Legend respecting Divodas. — Temple of Divodaseswar. — The "Well
Dharm-ktip.—Kadha-Krishna.—The Nag Kuan or Serpent's Well.—
Old Images.—Temples of Bages'wari, Jwarahareswar, and Siddheswar.

Although the city of Benares is now regarded as sacred
to S'iva, and as a place over which he exercises divine
authority, yet it is commonly believed, by the inhabitants,
that there was a time when such a divinity was not wor-
shipped here, but divine honours were bestowed on a
Eaja called Divodas. The tradition, too, is sanctioned
by the Kasi-khanda, It is said, that this personage,
whom Brahma raised to the dignity of Eaja of Benares,
and vested with jurisdiction over both gods and men,
took it into his head to banish all the gods from the city.
This ruthless act seems to have produced immense con-
sternation throughout the Hindu pantheon; but the Eaja
possessed such supernatural power, that the deities were
thwarted in all their efforts to reenter the city. Headed
by S'iva, they formed a conspiracy to unseat him, and, in
order to effect their purpose, attempted to inveigle Divo-
das into some act of sin; knowing, that, the moment the
sin was perpetrated, his divine power and authority would
come to an end, and they would regain their lost dignities
and prerogatives. But this miserable and disgraceful
design, though instigated and approved by S'iva himself,
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